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Start Active Receiving Antennas Combination Antennas Active Receiving Antenna AAK 5200 + STA 5 A/D/0.01-100

Active Receiving Antenna AAK 5200 + STA 5 A/D/0.01-100

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Active Receiving Antenna AAK 5200 + STA 5 A/D/0.01-100
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Technical Data
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Active Combination Antenna 0.01 / 1.5 - 30/100 MHz

Horizontally Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna combined with

Vertically Polarized Monopole Antenna


This active antenna solution covers the frequency range from 0.01 - 100 MHz. It provides a horizontally polarized omnidirectional antenna combined with a vertically polarized monopole antenna characteristic.


AAK 5200 + STA 5 A/D/0.01-100


An amplifier circuit directly connected to the base point of the antenna rod matches the high impedance of the rod to the low input impedance of the receiver or the connected coaxial cable.

Our active receiving antennas are fitted with amplifiers providing a high RF dynamic range in order to avoid degradation of the reception-system characteristics.

A multistage protection circuit at the input of the active element ensures that the antenna electronics will not be damaged even in case of lightning strikes in close proximity.

The effective height (the ratio of the output voltage over the field strength) is constant over a wide frequency range. This also makes this active antenna ideal for performing field strength measurements.

With regard to the robust construction and the use of weatherproof materials our active antennas can be used under extreme environmental conditions.

The operating voltage for the antenna is 39 Vdc. The AAN power supply series or an AAS Antenna Distribution System is used to feed the operating voltage to the active element via the coaxial cable.




Dimensions and Weights

AAK 5200 + STA 5 A/D/0.01-100 Dimension and Weight

Weight: 13.6 kg



Technical Data

Frequency range dipole antenna 1.5 – 30 MHz
Technical data and spare parts
for dipole antenna refer to
AAK 5200
Frequency range monopole antenna 0.01 – 100 MHz
Technical data and spare parts
for monopole antenna refer to
STA 5 A/D/0.01-100
Bending moment at mounting flange 100 daNm (wind speed 150 km/h)
50 g/10 ms
Vibration 4 – 12,5 Hz amplitude = 1,6 mm
12,5 - 90 Hz acceleration 10 m/s²
Weight 13,6 kg
Ambient temperature -40°...+70°C
Storage temperature -55°...+80°C
Relative humidity 100 %
RF connector 2 N sockets
Power supply 39 Vdc through coaxial cable
MTBF 18.000 h (Tu = 40°C)
MTTR 1,0 h (replacing of subunits)

Data given without tolerance are typical values.
Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice, errors excepted.
Product specification 01-03-02,
© AAS GmbH





Type Designation Application
AAN 300 Power Supply Unit 115/230 Vac
TR 20/E 2" supporting pipe 2 m high steel hot galvanized
TR 30/E 2" supporting pipe 3 m high steel hot galvanized
TA 1 Test adapter for monopole antennas



Spare Parts

The following spare part list is applicable for the active dipole antenna

  • spare part list AAK 5200


The following spare part list is applicable for the active monopole antenna

  • spare part list STA 5 A/D/0.01-100




For further information please contact

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Albert-Einstein-Ring 21, 22761 Hamburg, Germany
Phone +49 40 899 695 - 0 Email info@aas.de




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